26/04: Under-Reported

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Tired of the Musk-Twitter saga? We want to draw your attention to five non-Western news stories that are developing around the world.

  • With our new Under-Reported series, we try to break through the noise and highlight stories that often fly under the radar in the Western mediasphere.
  • On Friday, a bombing at a mosque and religious school in Afghanistan killed at least 33 people - many of whom were studnets. The bombing is the latest in a series of deadly attacks across Afghanistan.
  • The Israeli military shelled Lebanon, following a rocket strike from the Lebanese side of the border on Monday. The cross border strikes mark the first such exchange in recent months.
  • In Somalia, an attack at a beachside restaurant in the capital, Mogadishu, has left 6 people dead. The restaurant was hosting Somalia’s police chief and legislators at the time, all were unharmed.
  • Beijing has begun an unprecedented mass Covid testing program across the city. The goal is to identify and squash the omicron variant before it spirals out of control across Beijing.
  • The former Honduran president has been extradited to the US to face drug trafficking charges. He’s been described as a “central figure in one of the world’s largest cocaine trafficking conspiracies".
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