US Bulks Troop Presence in NATO Countries

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A day after Russian troop movements, the US is moving more troops in NATO countries, Ukraine is calling for an emergency. A news roundup.

  • After Russian President Vladimir Putin’s emotional speech recognizing two eastern regions of Ukraine as independent, troop movements have been observed around the Belarussian border.
  • In addition to sanctions against Russia by the US, UK, EU and other countries, the US has also sent 800 infantry soldiers to the Baltic states and eight F-35 fighter jets along the eastern flank.
  • In Russia, Putin has got the go-ahead from Russian legislators to use armed forces abroad. Russia is also evacuating its diplomatic personnel from Ukraine.
  • In Ukraine, the security council has asked for a state of emergency to be declared for 30 days. The Ukraine government has also asked for its citizens residing in Russia to leave from there.
  • As tensions rise around Ukraine and its border areas, the neighbouring countries such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia are preparing to accept Ukrainian refugees.
  • Some experts think that both Russia and Ukraine are observing a wait-and-watch approach, even as Russia flexes its muscles.
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