Ways to Reduce Our Energy Needs

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As the world becomes increasingly uneasy about its reliance on fossil fuels, creativity is key.

  • Fossil fuels account for more than 80% of global energy consumption, and for years now, scientists have warned a substantial reduction of their production is needed to halt the climate crisis.
  • Since the war in Ukraine began, consumer behaviour has been at the forefront of the energy discussion, while it is assessed whether the development of alternative energy can somehow be fast tracked.
  • As Germany scrambles to find ways to stop buying billions worth of Russian gas and oil, citizens are told to use less energy until new solutions for meeting the country’s energy demands are found.
  • Politicians are exploring whether behavioural nudging campaigns can change energy consumption habits in the population, as part of collective action to lastingly reduce energy demand.
  • Whilst there are myriad ways to reduce a private household’s energy usage, this alone won’t cut the mustard: innovation is needed to find more energy efficient ways to power our lives.
  • Alongside improved energy saving appliances for industry and homes, researchers are turning to nature to solve the issue: self-illuminating organisms, gravity and cleverly stored wind and solar power.
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