What Are Femcels?

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An arena for involuntary celibate women to connect or an echo-chamber further isolating such women from society?

  • In the 1990s, a woman named Alana coined the term “incel”, meaning involuntary celibate. Since then, the term has been adopted by an internet sub-community, composed mainly of white men.
  • Incelism has evolved to hold an array of misogynistic beliefs - for example, that men are entitled to sex from women. It has been reported that a female community has sprung to oppose incelism...
  • Meet the femcels. Femcels are an online community of women, who describe themselves as unable to have romantic or sexual relationships due to a toxic mix of misogyny and impossible beauty standards.
  • These online sub-groups have created a space for women who feel ostracized to share their experience and make connections. One femcel goal is “ascending” the group, to discover a genuine relationship.
  • The migration of such communities to anonymised internet spaces, has been known to create a realm for hate speech and extremism. Former femcels have reported racism and transphobia within the space.
  • Sofar, the femcel ideology has seemingly posed little threat to society - particularly in contrast to incelism. However, the dangers of such insulated online groups can not be overlooked.
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