What are Micronations?


Curated by Fabian Drahmoune

Welcome to the world of micronations and meet the quirky people who started their own countries

  • What to do when you are unhappy with your country? Surprisingly, for some, the answer is: start your own. The world is dotted with micronations ruled by self-proclaimed kings, queens, and presidents.
  • These self-declared countries pretend to be sovereign states, claiming their own borders and laws and fashioning their own currency. They might occupy a small piece of land or exist only virtually.
  • Micronations do not have formal recognition from established countries or global bodies like the UN. But that does not stop them from giving out passports and building governance structures.
  • Micronations come in all shapes and forms. Some are secessionist, indigenous movements, or other serious political endeavors, while others are virtual role-playing or utopian art projects.
  • They are a peculiar phenomenon led by people who challenge the notion of a nation-state by exposing how artificial a construct they really are.
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