"Honestly, Just Manifest It!"

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Megan Fox believes that she manifested her fiance Machine Gun Kelly when she was just 4 🔮 Megan, please teach us how to manifest!

  • The manifestation movement reemerged on the scene through TikTok in 2020, with “Shut up, I’m manifesting!” declared a defining meme of 2020. Yes,✨defining✨. Keep in mind, it was a global pandemic…
  • In March to mid-July of that year, Google searches for the term soared 669% - from this point, manifestation re-established itself as a pop culture phenomenon.
  • Manifestation paints an alluring portrait of the world. The idea that we can will into existence anything our hearts desire, through simply exercising thought, is of course an appealing one.
  • The art of manifestation in some cases comes with strict rules. In other cases, it comes with none. It all depends on who you are speaking to. Perhaps, we should ask Megan for some tips here? 🤔
  • Well, what is the science behind it all? Scientists unequivocally deny manifestation. In fact, neuroscientists even argue in some cases the practice can be dangerous.
  • For individuals who have inherently negative thoughts - such as those with mental health diagnoses - the belief that our thoughts become an actuality can be overwhelming.
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