What is Wordle?

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A word game has taken the internet by storm. Have you played Wordle yet?

  • If you have been active on Twitter over the last few days, chances are high that you may have seen a matrix of green, yellow and gray boxes on your timeline with some numbers above it.
  • That’s the visual cue for Wordle, an online word game that is only available on a webpage, has no ads, no app associated with it and you can only play it once a day.
  • Wordle is a browser-based word puzzle where you get six attempts to guess a five-letter word. You are presented with a 6x6 matrix of empty boxes and you have to fill them out.
  • Wordle was created by software engineer, Josh Wardle. It was initially only meant as a game to play with his wife to pass time during the pandemic. He then shared it with family and friends.
  • If the word you guessed includes letters that are correct and in the wrong place, then those boxes turn yellow. You then need to guess their correct positioning.
  • If the word you guessed includes letters that are correct and in the right place, then those boxes turn green. The objective is to ensure all five boxes in a row are green.
  • If you don’t guess the correct letters, the box turns grey. This is a hint that in your next guesses you don’t use that letter.
  • The popularity of the game has now even led to many developers copying and publishing the game in an app form. Some are even charging users to play a ‘premium-tier’ version of the game.
  • Despite the popularity, Wardle wants to keep the game free and not have any ads on the site. He also wants to ensure that there’s only one puzzle a day.
  • In this reading, we find out more about this simple word puzzle that’s delighted many users online and has easily become the first breakout game of 2022.
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