What Taiwan Can Learn from the Ukraine War

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Protesters in the Taiwan capital, Tai Pei, have been showing their support for Ukraine. Is this more than selfless solidarity?

  • Taiwan, like Ukraine, has a large, muscle-flexing neighbor which considers the country to be a part of its own territory. China holds the firm belief that Taiwan is a part of the Republic of China.
  • Taiwan is a vibrant democracy of 23million. The country is a world leader in tech, yet it only has official relations with 14 other nations. This lack of diplomatic relations is due to Chinese policy.
  • China and Russia have become close allies, with Xi and Putin releasing a joint declaration to say their partnership has “no limits”. The West cannot help but draw parallels between the two situations.
  • Reports have detailed that the Taiwanese have learnt a significant amount from the Ukraine war already and have inspired the nation to better equip themselves for the future.
  • Some have pointed out that it is also key to keep in mind that Taiwan is not Ukraine and China certainly isn’t Russia.
  • Practically, a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be the largest amphibious assault since D-Day and would lead to serious subsequent damage. Xi is well aware of such difficulties.
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