Where Are We with Covid-19?

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While new variants of the virus are emerging vaccines still seem to reach their target. Now scientists look for a way to finally beat Covid.

  • The global picture of Covid-19 is getting more diverse. While some countries with high vaccination or natural immunization rates are slowly entering a normal life again others are still struggeling.
  • The latest variant of the virus, Omicron BA.2, has taken over globally and is causing high infection rates in many places. China with its Zero Covid policy is having a hard time controlling it.
  • Vaccines are still doing a good job preventing people from dying or getting seriously ill however. The newly developed mRNA vaccines have proven to be the most efficient ones.
  • Health experts and scientists are now trying to take on the next huge task: Will there be a chance to defeat Covid-19 altogether – or at least to transform it into a manageable diesease?
  • While the virus already has become less lethal in many societies the danger of Long Covid is looming. But recent studies seem to indicate that vaccines can mitigate this risk as well.
  • Most governments are therefore committed to vaccinate as many people as possible. The example of Germany shows however that people need to be convinced rather than forced.
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