Will Metamates Save Meta’s Reputation?

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Mark Zuckerberg wants his employees to focus on Meta (the company) followed by Metamates (colleagues) and then on themselves.

  • Not long after changing its name from Facebook to Meta Platforms Inc, its CEO announced new objectives and corporate values. One of those—Meta, Metamates and Me—is being ridiculed in-house.
  • 2021 brought to light the plethora of problems highlighted by Facebook Papers whistleblowing, Congressional hearings. Instead of fixing these things, Facebook responded with a name-change to Meta.
  • All these years, Facebook managed to keep its head above water despite the negative press when it showed massive profits and growing user base at every quarterly earnings call.
  • 2022 started on a grim note with Facebook showing a drop in active user base and its parent, Meta, losing close to $200 billion in a single day - a record for any publicly traded company,
  • Anti-trust regulators in the US and the EU are tightening the screws on big tech companies. Meta even threatened to pull Facebook, Instagram out of Europe due to strict data-sharing regulations.
  • Technology companies changing names isn’t a new trend. But while most are thought through, Facebook’s transition to Meta is seen as a reactionary move to save face rather than something organic.
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