Will Trump make it back to the White House?

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Will Trump make it back to the top spot? This deep dive includes fascinating analyses and opinion pieces from across the political spectrum.

  • This week, Donald Trump announced his third straight presidential bid, in a rare and risky attempt by a former US leader to recapture the White House after losing in the last election.
  • His announcement came off the back of the U.S. midterms - a largely perceived failure for Trump and the Republicans. The election has created a schism within the party - with some blaming Trump.
  • For some Republicans, Trump’s unmatched sense on grass-root issues, his loyal followers and his ability to steal the spotlight make him a strong candidate for the 2024 presidential nomination.
  • Should Trump win the red vote, there are a number of factors which make his path to success less certain. The shadow of January 6th looms behind him. He is also facing a number of legal cases.
  • A tough competitor is likely to step into the Republican nominee ring. Florida’s governor, Ron de Santis, had an overwhelming re-election victory in the midterms. He has been pinned as one to watch.
  • Further, on the eve of Trump’s announcement, a conservative group released a series of polls showing him trailing behind De Santis. Could his popularity, even with conservative voters, be flailing?
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