Your Good News Round-Up (04/03)

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A Taiwanese firm is upcycling face masks into wireless phone chargers 😱 Catch-up on this story and our other good news topics of the week.

  • We know there has been a lot of bad news this week. Here's some good news to lighten your weekend, just a bit.
  • Germany has brought forward it’s goal to rely 100% on renewable energy by 2035. The country aims to triple the annual additions from onshore wind and solar farms.
  • One thousand fin whales, a species back from the brink of extinction, were spotted. The assembly occurred within a 5x5 mile radius, between the Orkney Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • A new study has found that owning a pet can boost your brain power and prevent memory loss. It was revealed that having a pet combines many core components of a brain-healthy lifestyle.
  • The White House has unveiled a $5 billion plan to line US highways with electric vehicle charging stations. It is part of an attempt to tackle climate change and promite net-zero vehicles.
  • A Taiwanese firm has found a way to recycle face masks and turn them into wireless phone chargers. It involves reshaping the plastics found in the masks, which is used as the casing for the charger.
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