Your Good News Round-Up (22/04)

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A flower deemed extinct has been rediscovered. Catch up on this story and our other good news topics of the week 😇

  • The Russia-Ukraine war will complete two months this weekend, inflation is leading to price rises everywhere. But here’s a look at some positive news to lighten up your weekend.
  • The most authoritative natural science presenter on TV, Sir David Attenborough, was awarded the Champion of Earth prize. He still has hope that humanity will come together to combat climate crisis.
  • In rainforests in Ecuador, South America, botanists have found patches that they thought were wiped out. And as a bonus, a flower deemed to be extinct was rediscovered.
  • A tiny north Spanish village has just 100 permanent residents, just 9 school children but 11 book stores which have managed to attract a steady stream of tourists and expats to settle here.
  • When you see the term ‘all-inclusive travel’ you think of the costs associated with the trip. A group of renowned photographers have begun a project to transform that association.
  • A new study has found that trees within 100 feet of a forest edge in northeast USA grow twice as fast and hence capture more carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their tissues at a quick rate.
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