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Britain in crisis: The UK faces a steep climb out of a deep hole

By Jörg Schindler

18 Apr 2023 · 19 min read

"Britain is a tragedy, reduced to begging, borrowing and stealing." The U.K. is sliding into the abyss, and there is little to suggest that improvement will come anytime soon, reports Der Spiegel.

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Food shortages, moldy apartments, a lack of medical workers: The United Kingdom is facing a perfect storm of struggle, and millions are sliding into poverty. There is little to suggest that improvement will come anytime soon.

In the innermost chambers of the old palace, Britannia is still just as large as it once was. Vast paintings stretching up to the ceiling narrate the glorious triumphs of a stupendous global empire – of battles against the Danes, Napoleon, the Spanish Armada, of the subjugation of India and the settling of America.

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